Know Right Breathing Pattern for your Asana

Breathing plays a vital role as far as the significance of Yoga is concerned. For attaining the maximum benefits you should perform it with the proper breathing technique. Breathing pattern basically comprises of taking-in oxygen and leaving-out carbon dioxide.

Is there any particular pattern of breathing to be learned which can help you in Yoga?

Well, there is no single breathing act to be followed, because it varies according to body movements. With the changing order of body postures our breathing style usually changes, therefore no particular breathing cycle supports all kinds of Asanas.

So, do we have to remember all those Asanas with their respective breathing cycles?

Yes and no, as you do have to learn each one of them and the breathing pattern it is performed with but we are provided with a little help to learn all of them.

Asanas include both stretching and bending to enhance our fitness along with appropriate breathing techniques which make it complete and effective. Finally, then what assists us learning specific breathing cycles associated with various Asanas?    

Yoga is nothing but the combination of stretching and bending of body with either exhalation or inhalation. That’s why it is right to say, the little help we talked about is the connection between a body posture and inspiration or expiration.

Let’s discuss both the different body states and their respective supportive breathing trends.


In this state our body muscles are expanded or stretched and so are the blood vessels. Since their widened diameter increases the blood circulation through that very part of our body, the demand for blood is enhanced too. In order to meet the demand more blood supply is to be made which is possible only with inspiration.

Hence it is said that the ‘breathing in’ is the right style to be followed while stretching and thereby we connect ‘Stretching with Inhalation’.


In this state initially a type body muscles undergo contraction and later become relaxed.

When we intent to bend any part of our body, certain muscles around that very area contract. They contract and act in such a manner, that they can put pressure at any bone’s joint to finally result in the bending of our body.

This whole process is easier with expiration which leads to the stoppage of further gas transfer between lungs and body. It additionally results in disabling lungs from ongoing internal change of pressure, in the following situation they are at rest in their natural state.      

Consequently with expiration no force remains inside our lungs to restrict or limit our body movements and bending becomes possible.

 Therefore the relation here is found to be between ‘Bending and Exhalation’.

In a nutshell we can say that ‘’bending is supported by exhalation and stretching by inspiration’’. This key always reminds us whether we are on the right page while doing Yoga. Either as assurance against yoga’s correctness or the corrective measure, this is best possible help.

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