We need TV drama revolution in India

Hello there, today I want to initiate one campaign for a ‘must to do’ change in our Indian TV industry.

Well without getting into much details at this point of time, I just want all those youthful brains to stand along with me, who agree with my given, dark but honest opinion.

According to some surveys, more than half of Indian youth doesn’t watch TV getting it inappropriate for their generation and developing society.

Let’s make those drama creaters confront the bitter truth of not being enough successful in field of creating TV content which is updated with time. I want to request all my country persons to be part of this revolution, infact to persuade your friends and family to join it too and, fellow Indian bloggers to reblog it in support.

I hope this blogging and social media platform is powerful enough for delivering demands to desired-destinations.

Thank you all for your support, stay connected untill my next blog where I will give more details bout the same.

Use #indiandramarevolution for posting and joining campaign. You can also click over the below given social button to join the same and show your support via various social media handles of ours.

Just be a team. Just bring a revolution.


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