Career Choices

IMG_20180930_164741.jpgHello there! Here I am a with my post feeling sorry for not keeping my Saturday posting post promise.. Hope you enjoy it and feel better.

Initially just take all your time and make your decision for career.
If you feel like you want more time to make it flat then do take it but ‘once you find happiness in it, not just at a moment but for a whole life’ then go for it.
Meanwhile don’t think why you do it but ‘things related to your dream(like it’s very important to get it)’ because I know for our generation it’s pretty difficult to work without that. Ultimately that ‘why’ of us turns us over thinkers not to leave it for reason of it being wrong but for it being useless as you already have searched an answer to it.
Overthinking starts when after long time planning you still pressurize brain to focus on same, instead of working on plan.At such times your brain even indicates that you really don’t have anything important left to think about, but still you find some other useless topic and keep on doing it.

So’don’t stop thinking for getting rid of overthinking but think about different things related to it only (its because for what you felt after long time planning, the goal of your life).

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