Failure Credit

Mpgy7199Hello everyone,as I said here I am with my blog this ‘Happy Saturday’.

What do you relate failures with? Although you will readily reply mistakes but that’s not explicit,we have to dig deeper. Unsuccess gets connected with the human character at the very moment we hear that word. Following case of instantaneous consideration,  may vary person to person, like you may find perfect reason for you or close  buddy’s different situation unlike acquaintance or strangers.

Failure is nowhere related to the character but to the performance. Persuaded with logic I know, performer’s image is created on behalf of performance but this is interim period until subsequent performance which can change the entire game and so just have faith on every performer.

This is like so unfair to demoralise anyone including yourself due to past, you are not a bad player your performance was bad.

So a humble request to each one of you let them prepare for their next performance and you meanwhile be mum if can’t help them out.

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