Why to help when try never to ask for help?

Help is not forever an urge of person to make less efforts to get his works done but is sometimes a call of the time.

Yupp, Hello everyone let’s know how.

Help is always misunderstood with image of one worthless person unable to carry out his job appropriately, no it is not always so. For instance, arbitrarily assume that you are stuck in flood at your roof top. For feeding yourself you have no food left then will not you ask your neighbour with extra food to help?

Indeed like me all will ask undoubtedly for help, an almost zero effort resulting life. Well here comes the twist, what if neighbour refuses to do so just because of your harsh previous meetings.Well you were a kind of people who believe in living on your own without much interaction or good contacts,so you always used to neither say hello or even smile at your neighbors and with this mindset you denied to help him earlier.Then I don’t know maybe it is tit for tat or payback time, unfortunately you may have not even get the opportunity to correct your mistake even, your life is at his mercy.Now what if he helps you even now.

Subsequently you will not be able to deny for his call in future whenever he gets into any pathetic condition, he will be having your back(Hope you are not that thankless even).As you got to see here, How near you were to the death but relax you are thankfully alive not because your perspective of living by own with independence impressed your neighbour but he was wise enough to ensure someone’s back during time of need.

That’s why I believe Neither depend on somebody’s help nor be the one to whom nobody helps.

Here, I am in no favour of you being a burden on someone or leaning against one, just because you want it like. Just help everyone and make healthy relationships around so that no one can deny paying back because we never know what comes next.

Every person should give their best attaining independence and assuring to be helped during dependence.


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