How to react when someone misunderstands?

Hey there today I am talking about how to react when someone judges you wrong.

See you have two options and neither of them is wrong.

First one is not to react which is common and suggested by almost evryone,let me tell you why now. When you are on the way of working ,upon something others misunderstand you about then its easy to ignore.

Second choice you have is to react within all your senses and calmness. This is suitable when even you yourself are trying to find out motivation for the matter they talk about then its better to let other know. Well here the reaction of yours can be of two types one is with the ones who care for you and other with those who merely have anything to do with your unsuccess. Caring persons should be explained properly and ask them for their help even but else can be asked to mind their business or can be positively replied too. Positivity is better to choose.

Here I am not telling you whether that someone is your friend or enemy. At times even our parents misunderstand us so either talk to them or let your actions speak,but they are never oue enemy.

Eventually the crux is that find motivation and keep quiet or just speak and try to find it.


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