Priceless-Movie Review

ssPriceless is a french movie by Pierre Salvadori.

Lead male Gad Elmaleh as Jean is a struggling man having hard time at daily bread earning. He does perform various jobs during whole time with almost no time for any personal affairs.

Lead female Audrey Tautou as Irene is an ambitious lady with short-cut solutions,she uses her beauty as the mean.Woman has extravagance attitude and she is quite affectionate towards expensive gifts.She traps rich men for her sky-high dreams with the hook of her gorgeousness.

Jean and Irene both meet a day and subsequently situation turns to be like they both get on the same track.Man also starts using easy money-making-method alike woman but unlike her this is never just everything for him.

For Irene price payment is always her top-concern and nothing else is secondary even.

Eventually lady gets something worthless-worthy which fills up her empty pocket forever. Well, What comes to her hand is their at the movie itself.

Trust me at the end you all will finish having something prominent to keep nowadays.So go enjoy the movie.



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