What gets you goin?

busy-corporate-womanWhat gets you going or should it be like,what bring you at standstill? Well let me help you up.

Life gets to motion not because of just are energy and in it we just do not need oxygen,water and,food only but some other things are also necessary. One of those important things is our thirsty questions and their quenching answers.

Question are the upbringings of events which raise hunt after their answers. This whole process is the note work of time-time dear-bought and bitter experiences.  

Persons unable to ask questions or to find their answers either commits suicide or gets into depression. Question-Answers of yours and others is a great mean of motivation and unsuccessful or unhappy people are not doing this for sure.

When something is excellently done ask “How can it be better” and when anything is lost find “How is it still better than that”. Life will be beautiful if you know the way to chase it till bottom by asking what I am and by getting what you can be.

So guys your life gets going with asking questions curiously and quest for their answers.


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