Help is not forever an urge of person to make less efforts to get his works done but is sometimes a call of the time. Yupp, Hello everyone let’s know how. Help is always misunderstood with image of one worthless person unable to carry out his job appropriately, no it is not always so. For […]

Priceless-Movie Review

Priceless is a french movie by Pierre Salvadori. Lead male Gad Elmaleh as Jean is a struggling man having hard time at daily bread earning. He does perform various jobs during whole time with almost no time for any personal affairs. Lead female Audrey Tautou as Irene is an ambitious lady with short-cut solutions,she uses her beauty as the mean.Woman has extravagance […]

What gets you goin?

What gets you going or should it be like,what bring you at standstill? Well let me help you up. Life gets to motion not because of just are energy and in it we just do not need oxygen,water and,food only but some other things are also necessary. One of those important things is our thirsty questions and […]