Why not to give up??

A person prominently works for two causes one is success and other is satisfaction of himself.While following any path of success one faces many visiduattes.Sometimes he falls,sometimes rises but he should never give up with his dreams.

I mean come on just look after the positive side of this failure.Like great Thomas Edison said being unsuccessful for more than thousand times that I have not failed rather I have discovered these many ways of not inventing bulb and bulb was a thousand step process,he added.Explaining it in another way at least one who tries hard until end and gets fail, holds experience that he will not get success following this route so at second attempt he can change his functioning.

Don’t forget that if something is supressed down in a bucket full of water rises up with more intensity, likewise if u have faced the same then never worry next you are gonna go up higher.

Another important thing is that if you get failure after trying hard then atleast you have satisfaction about not giving up until the result and that is important as I said.

Moreover,if you have tried your best and still becomes unsuccessful then atleast you have satisfaction and experience,I think its inappropriate to use atleast over here because they matter the most. But if you give up on your dreams then you neither have success nor experience, so guys decision is yours choose wisely.

Congrats! for not giving up..


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