You should be independent, its important as to live life in your style and without other’s support. Once you seek for someone’s help then in general it is counted as favour which you will have to pay back. Due to this many feel bad but they have to ask for help because of no options.

For instance let’s imagine that you are stuck at your roof top due to flood and your stored food gets over but your neighbour has extra. Now what will you do,will you find death easier than to ask for help,not really so you ask him. But wait what if he refuses because of your previous behavior. Since you never said him even a hello before for reason of your ego of not depending on him for anything,now you are died.

Ya it is my point friends that prepare yourself for independence but do not just ignore the fact that you can maybe depend on someone in future,so be confident not overconfident and behave well with all. 



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