Difference between running and avoiding problems

There is very thin line gap between the two running and avoiding.

Avoiding is like ignoring problems whereas running is like not having the ability to face the problematic situations.

It does not mean that one avoiding problem does not have solution for it,but its simply that he does not want to consume time in it because that can be used in searching solutions for other difficulties.

Now talking about running from situation is directly neither having solution of difficulty nor having guts to face.Running from bad situations is the easiest work.

Cowards run from situation although,Courageous find solution and then get busy in finding other’s.Both do not face the problem but one have ability to come out of it whereas other one do not.


Its just the experience which leads to make one’s goal achievement without any problem or one’s solutions to come out of the problem which advice him on every step.Due to which he come out safely,ignoring the problem.



5 thoughts on “Difference between running and avoiding problems”

  1. Yeah that would work in problems which could be avoided before they come to you but in another case where problem already came to you , only solution left with you is to face them, either smartly or nervously depends on you.

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